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We specialise in designing an annual hedge maintenance program so these beautiful features of your home don't get out of hand.  However we are also here to help with one-off hedge trimming or tree pruning.

Regular pruning and hedge trimming is essential to maintain your hedges and trees but can become hard if you don't have the right equipment or time to maintain yourself.  We have the correct tools and equipment to get the job done to the highest standard. 

We remove all green waste and dispose of this for you.

Another service we can offer is the removal of small trees, shrubs and bamboo.  These can become very overwhelming in your garden and need to be removed correctly to decrease the chances of returning roots, we can help with this.

Please contact us to discuss and we can work out a plan for you that suits your needs and wants.

Hedge trimming 



Tree removal


Bamboo removal

and more...

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