Cemeteries & Crematorium Mowing

At CGM NZ, we offer comprehensive lawn maintenance and grounds upkeep services tailored specifically for cemeteries, crematoriums, and funeral homes. Our commitment to maintaining the sanctity and beauty of these hallowed grounds is unwavering.

Lawn Maintenance: The importance of well-kept lawns in these settings cannot be overstated. Our professional lawn maintenance team ensures that the grass is consistently maintained at an acceptable height. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the premises but also provides a serene and respectful environment for visitors paying their respects and for employees working on the grounds.

Weed Control: We understand that unwanted weeds can disrupt the peaceful ambiance of these sacred places. Our weed control services are dedicated to eradicating and preventing the growth of weeds on gravesites and other areas within your property. We take pride in ensuring that your grounds remain free from unsightly and unwelcome weeds, preserving the dignity of the space.

Gear and Equipment

Our expertise extends beyond mere maintenance; we offer compassionate and respectful services that align with the solemnity of the funeral industry. We work in close collaboration with your team to create a customised maintenance plan that suits the unique requirements of your establishment.
The equipment and gear we use includes:

  • Agria 2WD flail mower
  • Altoz tracks mower
  • EGO 56-volt electric mowers, weedeaters, blowers, edgers and hedge-trimmers
  • Hustler rear discharge mower
  • Husqvarna side discharge mower

By choosing CGM NZ, you not only ensure that your grounds are impeccably maintained, but you also convey a sense of reverence and solace to the families and visitors who come to pay their respects. Let us handle the responsibility of maintaining the grounds, allowing you to focus on providing comfort and support to those in need during difficult times.

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