Steep Slope Mowing

When it comes to tackling steep slopes; precision, and expertise are paramount. At CGM NZ, we’re your trusted partner for Steep Slope Mowing, regardless of the degree, from gentle 15-20 degree inclines to challenging 60 degree slopes. We understand that each slope angle requires a different approach, and our specialised machinery is designed to handle these variations with ease.
Our Expertise In Steep Slope Mowing

Varied Degrees: Whether it’s a 15-20 degrees slope, or 30 degrees, or upto 45 degree challenge, our experienced team is well-equipped to manage them all. We have a range of mowing machines suitable for different slope angles, ensuring precise and efficient work.

Versatile Applications: Our expertise in steep slope mowing extends across various environments. We’ve successfully tackled lifestyle blocks, farms, rural and industrial areas, fence line clearing, riverbank clearance, site clearance for development projects, and the reclamation of overgrown lands. We also specialise in agricultural and horticulture ground clearing, helping you prepare your land for cultivation or development.

Gear and Equipment
With considerable expertise, our mowing team utilises cutting-edge machinery to consistently deliver exceptional results. All our machinery are steep slope capable, and include:
  • Agria 2WD flail mower
  • Altoz tracks mower
  • Hustler rear discharge mower
  • Husqvarna side discharge mower
  • Walker finishing mowers.
At CGM NZ, safety and excellence are our top priorities. We take the utmost care when mowing on steep terrain, ensuring that not only is the work completed efficiently, but the integrity of your land is preserved. With a keen focus on delivering results that exceed your expectations, we’re your go-to choice for steep slope mowing. Contact us today and let us transform your challenging slopes into well-maintained, usable, and aesthetically pleasing areas.

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